Hey everyone, my name is Rich Warnock, the owner and operator of Fuse Coverage. I would first like to thank all of you for making it this far onto our page. We have already forged a bond that will last at least the better part of the next 30 seconds (hopefully longer).  My girlfriend Stephanie is an avid food blogger, she owns and operates the blog Bani & Chai which is a food based blog that will play an integral role in our food forum here. In my life I have several passions that are constantly changing and developing with time. I enjoy writing about these changes and keeping up with the trends. As you browse around our site you will see the topics we have to offer. Sports, Movies, Food and Everything Else. You can expect to see articles and thoughts on these topics updated daily. So here we are! Welcome to Fuse Coverage! Fuse Coverage will be a home to a myriad of articles based on my passions but also the passions and interests of others. Over time we will look to find a staff that will both interest you and entertain you. I hope that you will join us for the ride and have a laugh or crack a smile somewhere along the way as well. I am extremely excited to get started and hope that you all will enjoy yourselves along the way. Welcome to Fuse Coverage!